We are a professional junk car removal company

Family Owned & Operated for 20+ Years

Proudly Serving Massachusetts & Rhose Island residents with affordable junkyard & towing services


Angels Towing - Junk Car Mass began as a small junkyard in Plympton, Massachusetts. We quickly grew to become a major retailer for used auto parts, a full-scale towing service, and a well known junk car removal company.

We now provide our services to a 40-mile radius around our junkyard and continue to add tow trucks to our fleet.

Our Junkyard

From used cars to scrap metal, our salvage yard is always working hard to recycle and do our part for the environment. It's amazing to think about how many tons of metal pass through our junkyard each year and contribute to cleaning up neighborhoods, freeing up space in your garage, and helping families in need of fast cash for their junk cars.

Our Tow Trucks

You may have seen our tow trucks traveling throughout MA & RI for pick ups. We are actually in the middle of transforming our fleet of trucks to a new design and paint job. We are very excited to launch our new branding.

Proudly Serving
Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Angels Towing - Junk Cars Mass

We service a 40 mile radius around our junkyard location at 87 County Rd, Plympton, MA 02367. This includes all of the South Shore, Cape Cod, Boston, North Shore, Central MA, and Providence metro area.

Directions to our Junkyard

From Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) Boston, MA 02128, get on I-90 W from Transportation Way, 2 min (0.7 mi). Head southeast 20 ft. Slight right 0.1 mi. Use any lane to turn slightly left onto Transportation Way, 0.2 mi. Turn left onto the Williams Tunnel ramp to I-90 W/I-93. Toll road, 0.3 mi. Take I-93 S and MA-3 S to MA-3A N/Main St in Kingston. Take exit 9 from MA-3 S, 38 min (37.1 mi.) Merge onto I-90 W. Toll road, 1.5 mi. Take the exit onto I-93 S, 10.2 mi. Use the left 2 lanes to take exit 7 for MA-3 S toward Cape Cod, 0.7 mi. Continue onto MA-3 S, 24.4 mi. Take exit 9 to merge onto MA-3A N/Main St, 0.3 mi. Drive to MA-106 W in Plympton, 9 min. (4.9 mi.) Merge onto MA-3A N/Main St, 0.5 mi. Slight left onto Main St, 0.8 mi. Continue straight onto MA-106 W/Wapping Rd. Continue to follow MA-106 W. Angels Towing - Junk Car Mass will be on the right, 3.6 mi. at 87 County Rd, Plympton, MA 02367.